Hey Don,

As the new president, you get to be in charge of setting up the meeting agenda and packet for the May 12th meeting.  Oh...the joy of it all :-)

I have a lot of electronic files (about 125Mb worth) that I have placed on my web site.  In the interest of providing continuity from president to president, I would recommend down loading all of the files.  Here is the site location:  http://kristinandjerry.name/general_download/OMRC/

I also have a file box of hard copy OMRC documents that I will get to you at the recert.

There are two organizations that you should contact to let them know about the change in OMRC leadership.  Contact Kayley Bell at the MRA to get the MRA web site updated and contact Sara Rubrecht with the OSSA SARAC to let the SARAC people know about the change.  I would be happy to help you with this if you do not have email addresses or anything else.

For the next OMRC meeting, one of the first things you need to do is contact Todd to get him to set up a conference call for May 12th starting at 7 PM.  Automatic notices with the call details will be sent out to the OMRC board.  I almost always get at least one email asking me specifics about the call and I refer the person to the notice they did not read.

The next thing I do is look for a meeting agenda from past years that might help me with what needs to get accomplished at the meeting.  For example, if it is the first meeting of a new year, OMRC officers have to get elected.  So, I get the agenda for the first meeting from last year and use it as a template for this year's first meeting.  All of the meeting agendas, packets and minutes are located at Oregon Mountain Rescue Council/Minutes & Packets/ then pick which year you want.

Next, I get a copy of the last meeting's minutes to see what we accomplished and what we said we would try to get done.  The last meeting minutes are located at
Oregon Mountain Rescue Council/Minutes & Packets/2014/04-21-14 Meeting Minutes.docx.  I usually print out a hard copy which makes it easier for me to make sure I have addressed everything.

Next, if I do not already have an agenda I am using as a template, I copy the agenda from the last meeting and use it as the draft agenda for the current meeting.  The last agenda is located at
Oregon Mountain Rescue Council/Minutes & Packets/2014/04-21-14 Agenda.docx.

I just start going line by line through the copy of the last agenda and update everything for the current meeting, referring to the minutes from the last meeting.  I also refer to emails I may have received since the last meeting and any other pertinent information.

Once I have the agenda ready for the meeting, I go through the agenda to see what documents I need for the meeting packet.  I always include a copy of the last meeting minutes.  It seems to be best to make PDF versions of everything and put it into a single PDF document.  So, I make a PDF of the meeting agenda, the past meeting minutes and any other relevant documents.  If you need help with this, let me know.  If you can't make PDFs, we can figure something out.

Once this is done, you can send the packet out to the entire OMRC Board.  You also need to send a Word version of just the meeting agenda to the secretary (Paul for this year) so that he can use if for taking notes for the minutes.

That is about it.


Here is a time line of events and major tasks for each year that you need to keep in mind.  I did this off the top of my head and may have missed something.  Todd, feel free to add or make any comments about this list.

At the first meeting of the year, elect OMRC officers and welcome any new team delegates.  Use an agenda from last year for this as a guide.  If you have new delegates, make sure they are added to the email lists and help them get up and running.  Let people know about any change in OMRC leadership.  There is a list of tasks on the agenda as a reminder.

At the first meeting of the year, figure out the date for an OMRC joint training.  If possible, get a team to volunteer to organize the training.  Get the teams to agree on a training topic and location.  Keep following up on this at future meetings until the logistics are approved by all the teams.

Team dues to the OMRC and MRA are due at the first of the year.  Check with the treasurer to see if any team has not paid the OMRC dues.  Remind teams that if they want to vote at the winter MRA meeting, they have to pay their MRA dues before the meeting.

A copy of the OMRC financial report is supposed to be sent to the MRA at the first of the year.  Check with the treasurer to make sure that happens and keep a copy at
Oregon Mountain Rescue Council/Annual Financial Report

Hold at least two meetings before any recert.  If it is a summer recert, the meetings are often in April and May.  If it is a winter recert, the meetings are often in November and January.  These meetings really need to be about the recert logistics.  Who is testing and for what module?  Where is the recert location and what date?  What time will the recert start and which team will start with which module?  Are there any visitors coming?  Who is the lead for each scenario?  Does anyone want to host an after recert party?  You get the idea.

By March 1st, each team is supposed to send in their MRA statistics report.  Check to see if all the teams have done that.

For the summer MRA meeting, you have to put together an Oregon Region report.  The MRA secretary usually wants the report a few weeks before the meeting, so you need to start bugging the other teams a good month before the meeting.  I have saved a copy of all of the reports that I have sent.  Please feel free to use them as a template, if you want.  The reports are at
Oregon Mountain Rescue Council/Team Reports And Statistics.

At the OMRC meeting just before the summer MRA meeting, find out if anyone is going and if they will represent other teams through proxy voting.  Provide an example of a proxy letter and remind everyone that Kayley is supposed to get a copy of the proxy letter.  At the OMRC meeting after the MRA meeting, have anyone that went to the meeting give a summary of any interesting or relevant discussions.

Since the OMRC joint training is almost always in the fall, make sure that all of the details are hammered out in the fall meeting right before the training.

At the last meeting of the year, find out if anyone is going to the winter MRA meeting and if they will take proxy votes with them.  Again, remind teams that they have to send a copy of the proxy letter to Kayley.  After the MRA meeting, get a report from anyone that went.

Consider having an OMRC meeting as part of a recert event.  The recerts are getting pretty time consuming, so I have not done this in a few years.  If people are sticking around for a BBQ after a recert, having an OMRC meeting might work.  My main goals for this meeting are so that everyone that is at the recert can meet the OMRC board and to get input on issues from all the members.

Keep trying to work with the OSSA SARAC.  I have had a really hard time getting into this group and I have had to bug
Sara Rubrecht to get any information at all.  I assume there will be a SARAC meeting in June, but I really do not know.  It continues to be difficult to get agenda information or anything else from the SARAC, but I think it is worth the effort.  For one of the SARAC meetings, consider handing out a copy of the Oregon Region report that you made for the summer MRA meeting.  I think this report is a great way to increase SARAC members understanding of the Oregon teams.

Well, I can't really think of anything else right now.  Let me know how I can help with this transition.